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Little    Men    Cast    Page

This page is dedicated to the wonderful actors and actresses of the TV series "Little Men." Enjoy the pictures, biographies, and more! Sierra Nicole.

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Sierra & Myriah Crane's Webpage: A fansite dedicated to "Little Men", "Black Sash", "Third Watch" & "Star Trek: TOS"
Writings by Sierra Crane: A site based on my novels---mostly historical fiction.

Cast Members for the Month of May

Corey Sevier-- Born July 3rd, 1984, Corey enjoys karate (he is a green belt), soccer, and basketball. At the young age of 18, Corey Sevier as already achieved great success in the acting world, working with such greats as Sam O'Neill ("Famiy Pictures") and Brendan Fehr ("Edge of Madness" aka "A Wilderness Station"). Currently, Corey is starring in the WB series "Black Sash"; as well as two upcoming movies, "Decoys" and "Detention". And the newly-released movie "Student Seduction", with Elizabeth Berkeley.

Brittney Irvin-- Born November 10th, 1984, she prefers to be called "Britt." She started dancing (ballet) at the age of 6, and still enjoys it, as well as singing and (of course) acting. Brittney's "big break" came in the form of the family drama "Little Men", which earned her (and fellow cast members Corey Sevier, Trevor Blumas, Rachel Skarsten & Alex Campbell) a nomination in 2000 by the Young Artist Awards for "Best Performance in a TV Series--Young Ensemble." Brittney will be appearing in the Steven Spielberg mini-series "Taken" this December, and her independent film "The Great Upstanding Member" will be released at film festivals throughout Northern America.