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Power Rangers
Power Rangers Time Force


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Here you'll find information on projects the cast members of PRTF have undertaken, as well as photos!

Summaries of More Movies, TV Shows, etc. Coming Soon!
Starring Daniel Southworth as "Finley"
"Eric Myers" from PRTF
Infiltrate. Detonate. Annihilate. When terrorists take an island, there's only one team tough enough for the job. At a secret Russian nuclear missile base, an ex-U.S. SEAL member is planning to launch a missile strike on the United States, and the only way to stop him is with the best of the best.
Taken from the back of the box.

Jason Faunt in "The Sylist"
Jason Faunt as "Dan Blocker"
Pictures taken from Jason Faunt Online---Thanks, Chris!

Jason Faunt as "Bob" in "Witchhouse"
Jason Faunt

Heather Ashley & Erin Cahill
Erin Cahill
Taken from the Official Site of Heather Ashley

Erin Cahill
Erin Cahill

Vernon Wells
From Heather Ashley's Official Site
In the make-up room from another one of his movies

Jason Faunt
Jason Faunt

Daniel Southworth in U.S. SEALS II
Daniel Southworth
As "Finley"